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But somehow I never have much time to do my retirement stuff. Like work on restoring the 69 F250 truck I bought while living next to Everett, WA. I have a shit ton of truck parts. I just wish that I had time to put them on. As far as gaming, I haven't been on very much. I only have 10MBS for speed. The little store and the post office in town still have dial-up. it's like 1995 all over again.
Hi all. It's been a long time! Since the last time I played (or was on the forums) I moved to a tiny town in eastern Washington- Lind- and I've fully retired.
It's sad we posted in here almost exactly a year ago and nobody but a bot has posted since hah
If you still have the card I'd be willing to trade if you want the SSDs or if you would gift it my way let me know if UPS or USPS works best and I'll get it all setup.
Send me your email address and I'll send a link/label from UPS so you can print it out and tape it to a box if that's cool by you.
Did you send it yet Cut?