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Good to hear :)
I can't wait for beta, I have early beta, but no word on when its going live.
I think early beta users get it 2-3 days before the others...which is not much of a difference.
I'm always looking, but I can't justify spending 20 on BC2 with BF3 so close and also...20 can get me four beers and four shots around here =( BC2 is so not worth passing on that haha. Add me on steam though. You can add my email [which is my super old email from FOREVER ago]. Contact is wvelazqu1@gmail.com or ....erg...goku4z@yahoo.com
and give me a break; I registered my yahoo account 12 years ago when I was 13 =/.
Also, I'm beyond stoked for the beta and BF3 in general. I remember for my 16th I held a LAN in my basement. It was pretty much 12 hours of 1942 and to be honest I had a blast running people over with my carrier >.> It was so non-sensical mayhem, haha.