Zombie Horde any1?

Just a thought here but... maybe change up the gungame css server to like a zombie horde server? or make it rotate in the mods...for ex:
1 game dm
1 game gg
1 game zombie horde
1 game zombies
1 game minigames

just throwin it out there cuz that server is mostly empty and it cuz really use a player boost.
Honestly what I would love to see done with it is a rotation through the classic maps that people did (and still do) play competitively. There a lot of younger guys like me that only ever play dust2/office that I think would play a lot on a server like that. We could even leave the gg maps on there just not in the rotation so that if a bunch of people wanted to gg we could just votemap. Idk just and idea.
yea i guess. dehugger makes a good point tho. we should really get like a all maps rotation server im sure that would be extremely popular. maybe even one with limited awps.
Zombie mods are fun for like a week then no one really plays them again. Except hardcore zombie mod fans but I don't think the demographic is big enough to justify having a zombie mod server.

Another server with full map rotations would be cool. It might end up cannibalizing our own server population on the d2/office server.