Your favourite movie martial artist?


The 47 Ronin
Ima have to go with Chris Farley, cause in the movie Beverly Hills Ninja, his talents truly shined.

Edit: But overall for multiple movies Van Damme is my favorite. It sucks to see him not in movies anymore.


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Bruce Lee

He is the one that started it all and allowed for the blending of more modern martial arts. I think even Jackie Chan would say he owes alot to Bruce Lee..

Donnie Yen by far with Jet Lee a distant second. Donnie Yen starred in Ip Man and Ip Man2 as, you guessed it, Ip Man lol. Ip was Bruce Lees earliest master and an extremely talented martial artist.

If you havnt seen it already check out Ip Man and on Netflix. Its subtitled but please dont let that dissuade you. its an incredible martial arts movie. Ip Man 2 is also very good but I think the first is the better of the two.
bruce lee roy for the ultimate dragon...i win haha JCVD is a fake, Bruce Lee is the all time best, but Jacki Chan is #1 in movies. id love tobe able to hop up the walls like he does, 'drunken master' is my fav jacki chan movie.