Your Favorite Sport Teams

Football: San Diego Chargers
Basketball: Los Angeles Lakers
Baseball: San Diego Padres
Hockey: N/A, not a big fan of hockey.
Soccer: N/A, I can't kick.
College Team: USC Trojans
Olympic Team: USA

I'm sure theres fellas that like other sports so post em! aww no more quagmire emoticon :(


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Football: New England patriots
Basketball: Sacramento Kings/Boston Celtics
Baseball: Boston Red Sox/ San Francisco Giants
Hockey: who cares?
Soccer: Juventus
College Team: Nevada Wolfpacks
Olympic Team: USA USA USA USA


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Football: New York Jets
Basketball: Trailblazers
Baseball: NY Mets
Hockey: Vancouver
College Team: Oregon Ducks
Olympic Team: United States of Asskickers

el jorge loco

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Football: Arsenal FC (duh, b/c we all know Football everywhere outside the U.S. refers to Soccer), but I don't watch the NFL
Basketball: Also not much of an NBA fan. I just hate a few teams.
Hockey: SHARKS!!!!!!!!!
"Soccer": EPL- AARRRRSENAL FC!; La Liga - FC Barcelona; National Team Soccer - USA #1 (France #2)


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Football: 49ers
Basketball: ewwwwwww - NBA is icky! lol old school Warriors and Harlem Globe Trotters :cool:
Baseball: SF Giants
Hockey: Sharks
College Team: Cal
Olympic Team: (How about event, instead?) - Wrestling, anything skiing