Your Favorite Sport Teams

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Snarf Snarf, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Snarf Snarf

    Snarf Snarf New Member

    Football: San Diego Chargers
    Basketball: Los Angeles Lakers
    Baseball: San Diego Padres
    Hockey: N/A, not a big fan of hockey.
    Soccer: N/A, I can't kick.
    College Team: USC Trojans
    Olympic Team: USA

    I'm sure theres fellas that like other sports so post em! aww no more quagmire emoticon :(
  2. IcEWoLF

    IcEWoLF Staff Member Founder

    Football: New England patriots
    Basketball: Sacramento Kings/Boston Celtics
    Baseball: Boston Red Sox/ San Francisco Giants
    Hockey: who cares?
    Soccer: Juventus
    College Team: Nevada Wolfpacks
    Olympic Team: USA USA USA USA
  3. Havoc.Sp

    Havoc.Sp Staff Member Moderator

    Football: New York Jets
    Basketball: Trailblazers
    Baseball: NY Mets
    Hockey: Vancouver
    College Team: Oregon Ducks
    Olympic Team: United States of Asskickers
  4. el jorge loco

    el jorge loco Staff Member Moderator

    Football: Arsenal FC (duh, b/c we all know Football everywhere outside the U.S. refers to Soccer), but I don't watch the NFL
    Basketball: Also not much of an NBA fan. I just hate a few teams.
    Hockey: SHARKS!!!!!!!!!
    "Soccer": EPL- AARRRRSENAL FC!; La Liga - FC Barcelona; National Team Soccer - USA #1 (France #2)
  5. [sfg]iants

    [sfg]iants Member

    Football: 49ers
    Baseball: Giants
    Basketball: Bulls
    Hockey: Sharks
  6. WhiteWalls

    WhiteWalls Member

    chicago bulls
    and chicago blackhawks boo yah!
  7. IcEWoLF

    IcEWoLF Staff Member Founder

    Bulls have gotten better, they are one or two years away from the finals me thinks.
  8. built[4]sin

    built[4]sin Staff Member Moderator

    Football: 49ers
    Basketball: ewwwwwww - NBA is icky! lol old school Warriors and Harlem Globe Trotters :cool:
    Baseball: SF Giants
    Hockey: Sharks
    College Team: Cal
    Olympic Team: (How about event, instead?) - Wrestling, anything skiing

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