Your favorite movies list

Mine goes a little something like this:
pulp fiction
fight club
good the bad and the ugly
inglorious basterds
star wars saga(only old ones)
the thing
social network
gangsof new york
american history x
american psyco
kill bill
:If you have not seen these movies I urge you to do so ..... right nawww
Spirited Away (along with all the Miyazaki films)
The Little Mermaid
The Lion King
Queen of the Damned
Harry Potter series
Too many to choose from... Star Wars, Snatch, Super Troopers, Saving Private Ryan, Interview With The Vampire, Casino, A Beautiful Mind, Million Dollar Baby...the list gos on and on...
Man its a long list but here's it is from the top of my head:
Master and Commander
Saving Private Ryan
Kingdom of Heaven
Spy Game
A Few Good Men
Undercover Brother
We Were Soldiers
Hurt Locker
Pulp Fiction
Iron Man I & II
The Book of Eli
I Am Legend
Dawn of the Dead (2000 remake)
Man on Fire
Crimson Tide
Training Days
Remember the Titans
Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade
Walk in the Clouds
....And, Ronin!, of course

There's like 10 more but can't think of the titles off hand. I have like 300+ DVDs but stopped collecting them once HD-DVD and BlueRay formats came out. 8(
Nice collection, I own most of those as well. I have prolly the same amount of movies, though I continued the purchase Blu-ray. My friends know me as "the movie dude" I respect your collection Benson
thx burglar! yea im a movie dude too. i can quote the lines on most of my favorite movies. or just want them over and over again lol.


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I have many, but I will go over few:

Lord of The Rings: all of them.
The Dark Knight
Terminator 1,2
Pulp Fiction
Fight Club
Ocean Eleven
Silence of the Lambs
Beverly Hills Cops 1,2
Pirates of the Caribbeans 1,2,3,4
Saving Private Ryan
Black Hawk Down
Die Hard (the first one)
Fast Times At Ridgemont High
The Godfather
The Matrix (the first one)
Star Wars

All the movies everyone has listed on here already are all really good. Fight Club is beast though. Brad Pitt was a sexy ass beast in that movie. Edward Norton also :3 who was always a bad ass in American History X.