Your favorite cartoon as a kid

el jorge loco

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DBZ in English is wAAAAAY longer than Sailor Moon dub, but that's because they stopped it after Chibi turned into evil emo teenager mode. I think it was Ocean who was doing the dubbing, and the contract ran out and they didn't renew it.
Of course DBZ is longer, it only takes Goku 10 million episodes to turn super sayian lulz! No really though, I agree with English DBZ being longer because they have a lot of filler episodes that extended the story. DBKai is the true story without the fillers. But Sailor Moon is also pretty long. Regardless of which is longer, they both are awesome. It was a shame that both had to end :[


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I totally forgot about Trigun!
I love that cartoon, the creators deserve an academy award!
Also another cartoon I love very much is Cowboy Bebop.