Your favorite cartoon as a kid

el jorge loco

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Some of it got a little campy, but in retrospect, the series after the originals were all meant towards selling GunPla, which in its own right can be a very enjoyable (though expensive) hobby.

If you haven't seen their latest cartoon commercials, check it out on Youtube, search term: Gunpla Builders. I've posted the vids on the Youtube forum
For sure, I'll check out some vids. I do agree that some of the gundam series weren't too great but I still enjoyed them. Gundam is still probably one of my all time favorite sci-fi mecha animes ever. The latest installment in the gundam series which was Gundam 00 which had 2 seasons and a movie was fucking beast. I love that anime.
1. Sailor moon
2. Dbz
3. Scooby doo
4. Thundercats
5. Johnny Quest
6. Captain Planet
7. Pirates of dark water
8. Reboot
9. Speed racer

Man, there are so many! I was definitely a cartoon network baby. I love cartoons till this day!


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George n jenn - next time we're on css together, remind me to do my mojo jojo impression for you lol it used to make my kids rooooooooofl


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Lol i'd love to hear your skeletor - your maniacal giggle makes me think it's gonna be good. We should have an impressionist night in the server - change our names and just be i n character all night. We'd drive the srever fuckin crazy! Lolol