Your dream car!


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I want some hot ladies pics tuc0!
Awwwww [MENTION=1]IcEWoLF[/MENTION]. I wasn't thinking. It was pretty damn hot out there today. My brain was fried.
Actually, there were few babes, but I was afraid to take their pictures.
They could be girlfriends/wives of testosterone-loaded Mustang owners. I wasn't looking for any trouble.
I was just looking for classic 'Stangs and newer models as well. <grin>


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God I wish I knew more about cars, and had money to spend on one. I live with a single mom though so we don't even have tools. Just a hammer and screwdriver, thats it! My dad had a mid 70s 280Z, but sold it. What I would give for it now! His was copper/brown, but I'd repaint it matte army green. Either that or matte gray and then paint teeth from the a10 warthog, starting from the wheelwell and ending about mid door.