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yo ace ninja in the house

ace ninja

The 47 Ronin
Real Name: Dung Vo
Age: 26
Job: kohls retail
Something about yourself: been around for awhile just like ice and everyone else but im awesome and your not. =D
Favorite game: there is none really i just play games to entertain myself and watch noobie cry while getting killed by me; especially spray and cut.
Favorite site to visit: there is none i just do my deley update on tech
Hobby: mountain biking, gaming, eating, and laughing at others.
Favorite Food: i eat anything good.
Favorite song: not song but artist. ayumi hamasaki

i rape you like this video.

In Your Face, Your Face, Your Face And Your Face Toooooo.


The 47 Ronin
Ill give ace one week before he rings up 47rsquad in his url again ah haha. Just kiddin man welcome back to the forums.