Xbox One gets its first price drop, now £400 in the UK


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The Xbox One hasn't been selling as well as the PlayStation 4 on a global level, and that's partly due to pricing -- in the UK, Microsoft's system costs a lofty £429 ($713) versus Sony's £349 ($580). That gap is about to narrow, though, as Microsoft plans to cut the Xbox's price to a slightly more reasonable £400 ($665) on February 28th. The company isn't leaning solely on that lower price tag to attract gamers, either. It's also releasing a special Titanfall Xbox One bundle (shown here) that includes both a download code for Respawn's shooter and a month of Xbox Live Gold for the same price as the regular console. Americans can expect this limited edition system to ship alongside the game on March 11th, while Brits should get it on March 14th.

Source: Xbox One gets its first price drop, now £400 in the UK

Looks like Xbox One is not going great at all...the extra $100 price difference kicked their they are feeling the pain world wide.