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X99 or Z97

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
SO because of my nifty paint job I may have totally voided my warranty and have a very sexy silicon paperweight.

IF I have voided my warranty I will be looking at a stopgap upgrade to something that is painted red and goes faster.

I know that Haswell over Ivy has about a 15% performance increase in single threaded applications and currently and well into the future that higher clock speeds and higher single core performance rule the gaming world. Hence my previous choice of the 3770k and higher clock speeds.

Going forward the extra 4 cores on the x99 platofrm could go a long way to REALLY cranking out the fps having eight more threads to process shit with might make the day.

IF ,and I mean IF, I have to upgrade I am not going to be buying a second hand z77 mobo unless it is fre99.

The z97 platform would cost about $1,200 less then a full on x99 upgrade and I could eaisly OC a chip to 4.9Ghz and have a seriously quick rig for now.

The x99 platform, while wildly expensive, would prove to be significantly faster in DX12 if the hype is to be believed.

The question is that simple, buy x99 [5960x,x99,DDR4,1200W PSU for about 2.2K] or recycle everything except mobo and cpu.. I will delidd considering that my naked ivy mount will work with nake haswell

any thoughts wither way would be awesome


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You already know which platform you want to go with and are just trying to get us to convince you what you already know.

X99, anything else in that build of yours will be second rate.

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
@Fasttrak you know me so well... I have begun planning on a 5930k build with two TitanX sli by hte end of the month... this itch is too hard not o scratch