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I don't know if that dodge truck is street legal, but if it is, that would be some funny sh*t. I see the truck is 4X4. That is cheap way to get good traction at launch.


The 47 Ronin
that GTR launch looked rather slow... from one of the comments:
Truck is awesome going 10.99. A stock '13 GT-R would need a perfect run to get into the 10's. The mph on this GT-R indicates minor mods. Why did he only go 11.4? Because he only gets 4 seconds in launch mode and the guy with the button was playing games dragging out the time between the second staging light and beginning the count down lights. I timed it several times on a stopwatch and the brake lights on the GT-R go off right around 4.0 seconds so it could be just under or just over 4 seconds. Looking at the ET and the rollout, I'd guess the launch mode shut down at the 4 second limit. Everything hinges on that 4 second window for GT-R's at the drag strip.