Wish me luck guys...


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So my college decided to tell me that i wont be getting a dorm less than two weeks before the quarter starts...
Called them today and they said Im number 47 on the waiting list and have to find off campus place to live less than 2 weeks!!:mad:

Hopefully being number 47 will give me some priorities :p
Anyhow wish me luck and hopefully i find a place >.<


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Dang man same thing happened my freshman year....the one consolation I can give you is that the close you get to the school year local private renters who have yet to fill their homes get nervous...so the prices start to fall, or at least become MUCH more negotiable. At this stage you have more of the bargaining chips on your side. Use it to your advantage!

el jorge loco

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Ghonzo, is there anyone you can stay with for the time being until this shit gets resolved? Or better yet, someone with an extra room that they are willing to share rent with.

Good luck Ghonzo, and it's gotta be more than a coincidence that you got 47 ahahaha


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Ok just got a phone call from the the housing department and they assigned me to a dorm for triple!! Dam that number 47 sure was lucky got moved from 47 to 1 in the waiting list w00t!


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OK. I am about to recommend the tri-lambda frat house. Are you sure you don't want to bunkie with the tri-lamb's?