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why i hate populating the server


The 47 Ronin
That's why you don't be a try hard when it's like 3v3 or less! I've had a lot of fun populating servers, where people will knife only or no scopes when it's still like 4v4. But I know lately in source, people are like instantly trying with an M4/AK and walking when there's one person left 2v2. I like fast paced, stupid rounds when trying to get a server going, not long stale ones. It really shouldn't matter since stats don't even kick in till after 3v3.

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
I set pistols only until 5v5 and pay 16k... When we get up to about 8v8 I give our negevs and p90s and such... Try to keep it fun.. It has worked well for me these past few times... And I don't pwn people when the server is small because they RQ...


Staff member
I'm not sure about that, we have a lot of players who have expressed their displeasure with 16k.
Well it may, but honestly their opinion wouldn't count much with 0/32 for 20 hours a day.
We have to try different things to make the server keep going or we might as well shut it down.