Who's our hardcore players for Battlefield 3?

I'll probably stick with HC since ill have consistent people to play with now. I prefer games/modes where reflexes, skill and thinking trump. (<3 dark souls for that. eat my plug for the game!)


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good point zoop. with this crowd prolly wont need core. hardcore all the way then! and one more week feels like forever. been playing tons of cs nonstop and im getting real tired of not having something to switch to. [i redid my comp and only have 3 games installed now, 2 of which i only play w friends on]. uggghh eterrnityyyy
I'd prefer to have a modified version of hardcore but if it isn't possible I'll probably stick to hardcore. If only because of some of the stupid crap that made it into non-hardcore.
I'll probably be playing mostly hardcore, but depending on how the settings work I may be playing modified as well. There were certain aspects of BC2 hardcore that I did not like (ie no minimap, no xhair on mounted weapons).


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Awesome, ya'll are my kind of people. I get tired of hearing only campers and people who can't aim play HC. Hardcore takes more skill imo.