Who is going to try this with me?


The 47 Ronin
Fugu, it's a puffer fish. It's a pretty poisonous fish but chefs try to remove as much toxins and such before serving it. I think some people have died from this but it was from untrained chefs. I'm always down for this! What is that word that kids have been saying nowadays... YOLO? hahah
Chefs have to try it first before serving to the customers. So clearly people that died those chefs lied about trying out themselves first


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Pass, a gelatinous fish with the possibility of being poisoned, no thanks. Give me some salmon or yellow fin tuna. Puffer fish was a major "thing" when I was living in Hawaii and a few folks very sick, none died but being hospitalized with a nasty toxin is no fun.


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The 47 Ronin
Meh, People shit in lettuce. That lettuce makes it onto store shelves. The lettuce is purchased and eaten. The moral of the story? "Died from consuming poisonous fish" sounds better than "Ate shit and died." Don't you even care about your legacy, man?