Who here knows a lot about the military?


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Tuc0 I believe is Army, Nutbutter was a former marine, I'm currently in the air force, been in for almost 6 years now.

Just come into Vent anytime and u can talk to me about the cheer force. ;)
Yarr keep these in mind:

What is you're main purpose for joining?
what you want to receive from your career?
what field would you be happiest in?

Now recruiters love to tell you that certain fields are only open right now and sometimes it's true but they say you can always join and then cross train into the career of your choice. Now I don't know about the marines or airforce or navy but in the army it's actually very difficult to do that. The reason is they spend about 70-120,000 dollars for each AIT (advanced Individual Training) they send you too. I had three, mainly because my field crossed into two different field of training. If you go infantry, it's easier to go airborn infantry after that then say joining as a DOD and trying to go infantry after that. Basically make sure upfront that you know or have a strong idea of what field or what career you want out of you're experience. If you don't, and you get put in a field you don't like, it's going to be miserable for you. Of all the input I can give you it is that. Make sure you are happy with your decision and not pushed into a career you don't see yourself in. For me, I always loved explosives and I was a great runner. Combat Engineer was a good choice for my first AIT as that had not only Engineer training but infantry training as well. So do your research.


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helps to be somewhat athletic, so you can breeze through the physical fitness test ( push-ups, sit-ups, and 2mi run for the Army ). You prolly get in shape though within the 8 weeks. takes about 2 weeks to in-process back then.

yeah, as SG said. think about why you're joining the military. is it a family tradition? is it patriotism? if you're not sure, but just want to experience it, you should talk to your reserves or national guard recruiter. take the ASVAB (w/o obligation or signing yet) to see where you fit.

the training will be a little shocker but gets easier (or you're just getting used to it!).

You can also wait to talk to donkey puncher. i believe he's in basic (or done) and AIT for infantry. he'll tell you how it's like.
I'm in the Marine Corps and also currently on reserve status. I'm in an enlisted to officer commissioning program so if you are considering the officer side of things I can answer pretty much any recruitment style questions you have regarding that or basic stuff. I just completed officer candidate school and will get my commission when I graduate college.

My enlisted job is a combat engineer but I deployed as a provisional infantryman.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the Marines or anything military oriented. I grew up in a military family....every male was a career officer in one branch or another if you have questions on what life is like for your family i can help with that too.