Who here knows a lot about the military?

Fred is a former marine. we also have Saint who is active and Vinnie serves in the Canadian Armed Forces. And don't forgot about Nutbutter who served in the US Army I believe.


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Go ahead Yarr... 'fire' away with your questions.
If you are considering the military, make sure you want to 'serve'; otherwise, you'll be wanting to get out but you can't until you serve your contract.
I was also in the reserves then later I joined Active Army. This is one way how to get your feet wet.
If you go reserves, you'll go basic training on summer, along with the Active guys as well ( from my experience ).
Then next summer, you attend AITfor your MOS (your job!). Duration of AIT depends on your MOS.
If I were you, I talk to a recruiter.
Ask yourself, why you want to join the military. That is the starting point. Some didn't know the answer, and they did very well in the service.
Remember, I'm talking about my own experience. Others will have different or the same. -- tuc0