Who here has knowledge on Hackintoshes and/or Kexts for such systems?

I'm currently on hardware that enables me to install OSX on my PC. But, my USB drivers are funky, and if I plan on updating, it wipes out my audio completely, but fixes the USB issues.
Any of you have any knowledge or real experience in making, modding, or worked on Hackintosh Systems?

My specs:

Asus P5W DH Deluxe
Intel Q6600 Core2Quad
Nvidia 9800GT
8 gigs of ram

I've got OSX Snow Leopard running on a ASCII configured hard drive, and my Windows7 runs on another.
Dang I wish I could help. I just started this for my laptop but I cannot get it to work. I've been doing a lot of reading, which you probably have too. Only thing I can suggest is taking the old kext file before updating and replacing it when done. Have you done that?
I haven't. But that's because I have everything working... EXCEPT: my USB transfer speeds are stupid slow, like usb 1.0 speeds. And my firewire isn't working anymore... not even in windows7. That might have someting to do with my BIOS. It's definitely a ton of reading...
What did you do to get everything working?

So far I can install 10.6.3 and everything works. I install multibeast so it boots to 10.6.3 and it works just fine.

When I run the upgrade 10.6.8 it breaks everything, even running multibeast doesn't work.


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I tried setting up a Hackintosh a while back w/ Tiger. What a pain. Too much work just to play with and not reliable for anything official if an update can break it. If I go Mac, it'll be legit for reliability's sake, but I'm still not ready to plunk down even $600 for Mac Mini.
Lion is garbage. For most things needed Snow Leopard is great. Everything works on my system EXCEPT my USB and Firewire. Usb is transferring at some retarded 1.0 speeds. I need it to transfer at a usb 2.0 rate because I'll be working with 1+gig files in video format. I just got a snow leopard OEM install disc. I might bite the bullet and do a fresh install just to see if it'll work.
go here tonymacx86 if you want to build a hackintosh. The osx86 project web board is a great help as well. It's fairly simple to build a hackintosh now a days, as a lot of the configuration that had to happen before hand simply doesn't exist anymore. It's more or less a straight install with the help of some boot loaders to get things started.

Personally I put together my wife's 12 core render box and the software install was the easiest part.