Who has black ops for PC.

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So i bought the game for 25 bucks from a super sweet deal a while ago. Hardly play it, havn't finished the single player even LOL. Dont have any map packs.... SHit this is starting to sound like a classifieds add.

Any one play? Msg me.


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I tried Black Ops for a month then quit...the game seemed repetitive compared to MW2...
At least the MW2 were much better than Black Ops.

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I'm a little late to the party, as usual, but I have Black-Ops. I actually love the game. Has anyone actually gathered all of the intel? I've been using the computer in the interrogation room that you are in when the game first comes up to access letters, pictures, etc. It's really intriguing like there's a puzzle/mystery that overshadows or underscores the entire single-player mode. Much of the intel that has been gathered during gameplay, accessible in the game's sub-menu as opposed to that which can be found in the little computer, appears useless but it's all threaded together in different, and often bizarre, ways. I'm just wondering if I've been duped into chasing a white rabbit or if there's really a puzzle to be solved. I think that logging into the CIA system under a different user's account would shed some light on the mystery but I've yet to find the correct user/password combination. I'd rather not google for cheats and spoil the surprise payoff, if indeed one exists. I only discovered that i could move around the interrogation chamber accidentally. The little computer seems to be the only item in the room that is accessible. Boy, I'd be sorely disappointed if this is all just one of the pointless diversions without a payoff.

Also, in multi-player there's like a training combat mode. I went into this to get a feel for the MP game before attempting to play on a regular server. At first i thought I'd mistakenly entered a 47R server somehow. It took me a moment or two to realize that all of the bots had been randomly assigned usernames of my steam friends. I was all like, "Hey, there's yarr, and milkncookies, and nrlp, and oh look it's HARV. So this is where those guys have been hiding out." I LAWL'd@myself when i realized what was happening. I was doing pretty damned well against some tough players too. :p