Who else was trying to become healthier?

Never posted a pic of me yet on here... so here you go guys lol

But I remember someone else on here who lost a buncha weight. iono if anyone else is on here but this may motivate you.

So me and my close homie went to mexico last december. He is a Marine contractor in afgan and gets 2 weeks off every 4 months. So he paid for me to go to texas and go on a cruise wit him and his family. While down there we were talkin and both decided to get in shape because he was in another friend of ours wedding coming up in a couple weeks.

So when I got back talked to a friend who had a small gym in his Kung Fu Studio and started working out with him.

Now I wish I could re live mexico with the shape I'm in now and imagine how many more girls I woulda talked to...:rolleyes:

I wanna say I weighed around 220-225 ish in october. December I was around 215 and now im about 185. Still looking to slim down another 5-10 and cut up the stomach a little more.

lost probably 30lbs of fat and re gained how ever much muscle.

(yes thats a star trek shirt)

But yeah as they say, Progress is a slow process but hopefully maybe this would help motivate the some of you who want to become heathier.


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Dude, congrats! I have been trying to get into a good routine lately. I even have an InShape Membership but I rarely use it. I have a thin frame but I'm trying to get healthy habits going because I know my metabolism won't keep up forever, and I wanna put on a little more bulk..

Keep at it though man, great job! Maintenance is all ya gotta do now :)