Who else has a tablet?


The 47 Ronin
I know almost all of us have smartphones, but I haven't heard much talk on tablets.

I had a Viewsonic gTablet half a year ago. It had decent hardware specs for the price, but it came with Froyo and it looked as though it'd never get Honeycomb officially. I tried all the custom ROMs and they were all way too buggy, at the time anyway.

A couple of months ago, Staples had a $100 off tablets coupon. I thought of getting an Asus Transformer, but the coupon was in-store only and they only carried a Xoom or Acer Iconia Tab, so I got the Acer for $299. It's been pretty awesome, better than the gTablet in almost every way. I think my only concern in the Acer over Motorola & Asus is support for future updates, but luckily the hardware between the 3 are so similar, roms can be ported over from one another. Of course, by then, some bigger and better quad core beast will be tempting us.


The 47 Ronin
If the HP could be had for the $99 price or near it, I'd consider getting one for the wife. I wouldn't want to invest much more into something that may have no future or support (like the gTablet I had). The HP has nice hardware, but that means little if software driving it is no good (buggy Android port attempts or potentially outdated and unsupported software by HP). I honestly don't know HP's plan on supporting the tablet to comment on its future though.
i ordered the HP tablet when they were on sale for $100 last month. However when i checked my account later that day, the order had been cancelled due to the company running out of inventory. before i made the order, i did research the viability of porting the HP tablet to honeycomb. based upon a google search, there were a couple third party developers that were working on a port. since i never did receive the tablet, i haven't checked up on any updates.

btw someone on our company's internal listing posted an HP tablet they wanted to sell for $399. I sooo wanted to post reply asking WTF they were thinking selling an HP Tablet for $399 when a bunch of peeps bought them for 1/4 that price. 8)

oh A-Rich, I purchased a Nook Color that I rooted with Froyo. I want to also port it to Honeycomb but am waiting for a stable version of the ROM.


The 47 Ronin
If you're seriously curious, rooting the tablet was for more features than just overclocking. Some examples to follow. Netflix doesn't yet support my tablet, but it can work w/ some tweaks. I couldn't tether to my Droid's data plan nor access shared folders on the network until flashing a custom ROM (kernel handled that technically). Full backups are very handy as well.