White Walls

Real Name: Sean Hall
Age: 20 (21 on November 3rd me and Albacore will be grabbing some drinks!)
Location: Lockport, IL (south suburbs of Chicago)
Job: Student at Joliet Junior College, getting my associates in about 6 months
Something about yourself: I still live at home, not because I'm lazy or anything like that. I've worked several full time jobs when I wasn't in school, didn't mind working, but I couldn't balance working and school and they all only allowed full time workers. My parents don't want me to leave at all. It's too convenient to commute to school living at my parents house. I currently have 2 tattoos: I have a Celtic cross on my chest and a music/night scene collage on my right arm, both easily concealable for work.
Favorite game: other than CS:S, TF2, and L4D2... Final Fantasy VIII/IX/X
Favorite site to visit: I don't usually browse the web too much, I really only go on the 47R page, Facebook, and my E-Mail.
Hobby: Guitar
Favorite Food: Chipotle Burritos =)
Favorite song: I'll tone it down for you guys A Thousand Times Repent - Complete Relinquish Utter Abandon

my real favorite song Between the Buried and Me - White Walls
love all 14 minutes and 15 seconds of it <3
Uncle P.

Real Name:paul
Age:realy ,I"m embarased 36 ok there you go
Location:portland ,OR
Job:what is this who wants a job,homemaker baby,reality HVAC contractor.
Myself?Hmm... old fart,lazy,love css but more my family,2 beatiful kids
Favorite Game:too many,Age of Empire for starters
Hobby:this is getting too personal
Favorite Food:good food? i eat almost everything
Favorite Song:Time To Say Goodbye ,Andreea Bocelli

el jorge loco

Staff member
White = Chipotle?! Are you effing kidding me?! Come out to California and you can get real good Mexican-American food, which is the closest thing you can eat to Mexican food that won't give you the runs!