Which Harrison Ford would you rather be?

I watched Cowboys and Aliens the other day and it just increases my love for Harrison Ford.

There was alot of Indiana Jones on AMC the past week.
I also watched Space Balls last week which reminded me of Star Wars.

So now the question here is...

Who would you rather be? Indy or Han?

I would pick Indiana Jones. His father is Sean Connery. Man almost lost my love when he was in the 4th one with the Aliens (spoiler).
Man can use a gun and a whip and much more agile compared to Han Solo. Both have a quick wit though.

Any other points that I am missing?

el jorge loco

Staff member
Duh, he's President James Marshall Kimble Solo, Ph. D.

"I'll have your money Jabba. Get off my plane, because I didn't do it!"

But really, I'm a huge fan of Harrison Ford as Dr. Kimble. Fugitive is an amazing Ford movie. Even with Han Solo (the only one whose career didn't get ruined)
I just bought and indi hat this past weekend while on vacation. Wore the fucker the whole damn time, and you know what? Ladies love it. Man has a following I tell you.