What's up with the glasses?

i actually just got the first pair ive ever intended to wear on a regular basis this year. im just tired of squinting in the sun and not being able to look at girls tits and asses without fear of being caught lol. other than that, they serve no purpose to me. just a bullshit accessory that i hate dealing with. i especially hate watches. fuck time. i have a cell phone to tell me when i am.

el jorge loco

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When I was in Vegas with high school buddies two months ago, my friend went into one of the casino floor bathrooms @ Caesar's early in the morning. He found a pair of $300 prada shades. That made our trip. We were pimping that shit out every night @ the clubs ahahah being total douches ahaha
"when your cool, the sun never sets" Thats why. I personally have never consistently wore sunglasses, watches, hats or any accessory except a necklace. I buy them, wear them for a few weeks to a month, then they just sit around and are thrown away eventually.
I use to be the same way...just a necklace now I rock a bracelet and sunglass....

The sunglasses for the sun and driving once i tried on my first par of polarized lenses from oakley they changed how i saw the world. Everything was suprising crisper and cut the sun ray a lot. Helped driving.

Also as mentioned helps to creeper status.
I wear them on sunny days to protect my eyes like others have stated, also helps for not getting caught checking out chicks. I also feel much tougher staring down people who are acting hard without actually having to confront them :cool: . If it's really bright out I have light sensitive eyes so my eyes just water like crazy and don't adjust well.