What's everyone's favorite RPG's??


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Anybody else buy pokemon snap the day it came out and was thoroughly disappointed 2 hours later when you beat it? hahaha
I was into WoW when it first came out.. it gets too boring so fast. I'd rather play Runescape over that any day. By the way if anyone else does play RuneScape, add me as "DemonicFetus". Combat Level 92. ^.^


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ok... heeeeeeeere we go

i started playing rpg's a LOOOOONG time ago. see if these ring a bell for you:

Dungeons and Dragons - several versions (first graphical dungeon crawls)
Ultima I through Ultima IV - 3 was the best, imho
Magic Candle
Bard's Tale I & II
Hack (precursor to Rogue - all ascii text for graphics)
Zork - text-based dungeon crawl
Shining Force I & II
Phantasy Star
Baldur's Gate
Final Fantasy (can't remember which number - for PS I)
Ultima Online (6 years)
Star Wars: Galaxies (1 1/2 years)
WoW - 6 years
Dragon Age Origins

probably more... but that's all i can remember off the top of my head :cool:
mario 1,3,64,ds. resident evil 1/2/4. zelda 1,2, OOT. quest 64 lol, WoW, diablo 2, all pokemon rpgs... probably more but thats all off the top of my head...


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@d00b LOL thats exactly what happened to me too! i picked up snap the first day and beat it in record time and i was like wtF?! thats IT!?