What would you do if you had a million dollars?


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I'd invest it in real estate. Purchase a triplex, live in one of the units and rent out the other two. That way I would get anywhere from 2-4 grand a month and wouldn't have to work anymore, if I so desired. Though I probably would and end up purchasing my own nice house and continuing to gain revenue from my original investment. How lame, right? haha
I'm already in a house and have enough cars.

So....What I would do is buy some land and build a drift track!! (Or a big abandoned parking lot or warehouse, still works great). I'll make it into a "skid pad" or track and would hold events (that's what they normally do). I would make up all that lost money plus more so fast. There's really no local tracks in So-Cal other than Irwindale, but that's only open during certain events to the public. Mine would be open 2-3 times a week or more if business is good which I know would be lol. They actually do this in the Irwindale, California Speedway, and the Great Western Forum parking lots. All I need is a big area which I can buy off....and it all starts from there.

If not, I'll just but a twin engined Cessna =)....I know how to fly anyways, just no pilot license.


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Props to Blood Fiend for having good taste in music. First off I would build the most BITCHIN desktop anyone ever saw, then I would buy the most expensive laptop I could find, then I get laid, and finally I would go to some super expensive college in a foreign country while livin' it easy. After that, well, I'd go rob another bank and do it all over again.
ROFL Dehugger! Best one so far. Take the easiest college classes, live in the dorms, and hang out at the college campus -- library, cafeteria, gameroom, etc. Here's your guide to sororities: http://sororitysecrets.wordpress.com/


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$1million is not enough ICe!!! But, I take it. I guess I'll park it in Certificate of Deposit (1.5% interest? = $15,000 a year) for now. If somehow, CD rates go to 5%, that's $50,000 a year. Don't forget the taxes though.

el jorge loco

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@Dehug - If you are planning on living the life abroad, you could consider living in China. You could probably rent a decent apartment and eat like a king every day for $5.
Goto Vegas. Play Craps. Put all money onto double 6's. Win. have $31,000,000. Do it again. Lose $31,000,000.

LOL. But if the first part worked, I'd stop after I won and put 1/2 of the money into the bank, then 1/2 of what's rememing would be left to the hands of a financial advisor who only deals with net-worth clients. Eventually buy a fucking castle in Europe, host outrageous parties, get an unstoppable gaming rig, buy a mini-cheetah, personal trainers, read books, wear a monocle, travel the world in a hot air balloon. Be rich.
1. build a new computer
2. buy a subaru wrx sti
3. buy myself an apartment in san luis obispo
4. give 250k to my parents and family
5. give 250k to charity
6. buy a LOT of booze
7. keep the rest for later.