What is YOUR game?


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back in the day it was street fighter II

i used to be very good at battlegrounds in WoW (i'll have to drop some screenshots at some point) and before that as a pk ("red") in UO


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Mine was black Hawk down, m60 pwnage all day long!Age of empires 2 I was a top 50 in 1 v 1.World of Warcraft I was one of the top shadow priest/warlock in 2 v 2 arena in bc.
I'd say honestly the last game I was legit GOOD at was Warcraft II... everything else I have hot and cold moments. Not sure why that is, to this day.


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CS was one of the very first games i picked up when 1.0 came out and diablo 2 haha
@doob I think its because PC controls are much more fast paced so it ups our reaction/reflex timings
I think PC is WAY better than console. Much more precise, but I suppose that takes a longer time to get really good at. Console has less button and is less accurate. I suppose console is easier, but I like my PC!!!