What do you want in the new CS

I really do love the idea of having a health kit that takes some time to patch yourself up but can recover 10 or 20 hp... that would be soo nice for the random gay nade spam.
I agree to what Nutbutter and Haze said. Like Haze said, keep it mostly the same (fix the major) glitches like shadows appearing through objects, defusing through objects, and around corner shot lag. And like Nut mentioned, flashbangs should do some damage at least, and the flash should actually flash you. As far as Frags go, they should kill you if they blow up in your face instead of taking 65-80 damage. Battlefield got that part right.
Oh, and they could never change it so that grenades are 1 hit kill because there are times where 1 grenade would kill 4-5 people from 100% hp which would completely imbalance the weapon and the game. I think bringing players to 1 shottable amount of HP is a good compromise. Leave the nades.
i want to see a hot chick squad in skimpy clothing -> no clothing. and technically we already have sprinting...ur just sprinting the whole time and can walk when u want to.

also rpgs,helicopters,tanks...u know bf3. umm laser sights would be nice since u can get em for css anyways thru hackd models. maybe some more guns like fs2000, spas12, ak-74u, m16, and definitely more snipers. definitely put a use to the nightvision! a zombie mode, gungame mode, and dm mode already put in. Better AI.
I like the game the way it is... Just needs some graphical/hit boxes/glitch fixes
well if it was like that I dont think you could call a it different game, YOU PEOPLE ARE ALL THE SAME you just want css to get the bugs fixed with a few new weapons/maps this is barley anything from what it all ready is. If they add more things it will give more styles of gameplay and different ways to react to situations making it less stale and will be harder for the game to get repetitive and after 7 years they need to change and add things but keep the core gameplay non of you seem to understand this. Im not saying I want it to be like cod with fucking insane amount of attachments and perks/killstreaks but the game needs somthing new