What do you do when you have to wait to respawn in cs:s

I constantly obsessively scan everyone on through 47r.hlstatsx.com. Almost religiously. I want to know peoples past alias', kdr, if they have been banned before and all that good stuff. It started when I first got admin and I think it has become a helpful habit.


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I use the steam overlay browser to search my stats and check forums. or go to the fridge and get another beer :D
I do the guitar thing, or I check my phone, or facebook, or get foooood. I'm indulgent when I treat myself to free time on the computer =p


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I do a number of things, a. Grab a beer to replenish, b. Reply to a text, c. Turn the AC on or lower it, d. Alt tab to reply to fb chat, e. Change music on pandora or turn it up cause nubs are talkin to loud ingame, f. Rage until I respawn cause somehow 5 bullets from a shotgun 200 feet away killed me when mine don't even register from 2 feet away
Yep, guitar here too. I try to see how far I can go doing major scales starting from F to E, then if I died really really early I can make it onto the A string and go from A sharp to A.


The 47 Ronin
If my girlfriend or anyone walks in the room i pretend to still be playing even though I am spectating someone. Or i look at Steam Community.