what do you do for a living?


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I work for Semiconductor Co. We make chips for hand-held devices (cells and other portable devices), routers, etc. Production calls me when something goes wrong.
i've been in the high tech world since i graduated from college. ive jumped from company to company depending on if i was laid off or got tired of the corporate BS. 8P fortunately i landed a job at Google a few months ago and am loving it. also have a side photography business.
student for now
i used to work for accelerated rehabilitation clinic, which is a physical therapy place, i was building a database for them and it got completed.
then i worked in a magazine warehouse, but had to quit for school
I used to be a secretary at the hospital in New York. I've been trying to get a job for months but it seems like Orlando just doesn't like me! So, I guess I am a full time biology student.


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Im finishing up my Computer Engineeing program this upcoming year, and I currently have a summer internship at Adam Nutrition. We are a nutraceutical manufacturer and we make all sorts of powders and pills relating to nutrition and working out. For example, we handle the production of certain products for the p90x brands(recovery drink powder mainly), kirkland pills(multivitamins, glucoasmine, etc...), and other companies. But I'm just a part time IT Intern supporting the infrastructure and helping out with troubleshooting computers and other electronic related equipment. I like it for now b/c its close to school and I'm usually able to do hw at work. :)