what do you do for a living?


I think we had a thread on the old forums about this. I quit my job as a automotive tech 4 months ago and am now a Machinist operating a cnc mill. Starting school in 3 weeks, getting my associates in applied science then will go for a bachelors in engineering. Anyone else work 2nd shift (night shift) currently?Been working 12:30pm-11 for the past 3 months and just got moved to 3pm-1:30am. I think its completely killed my social life on the weekdays.. thank god I start school in 3 weeks and they have to give me morning shift. Interested to hear what everyone else does/have planned to do. Oh I was also a professional tomato grower :D

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I am currently employed as an order picker for Atlas Logistics. I hurt my self last october and have been on workers compensation rehabbing my shoulder injurey. Not sure if i will be able to go back, not that i want to. I plan to go to school and take "technology support professional" until i save up enough money to do a bachloer in technology.
I'm actually sporting 3 jobs. I suppose they are all part time. Well they ARE all part time.

1. San Francisco Giants' warehouse employee
2. YMCA membership associate
3. Farmers' Insurance producer

Someday I'll have a full time job... but for now I need these to support the family.
Working as a sterile supply tech at a local hospital while i'm finishing up school. General day to day shit includes cleaning up blood, guts and shit off surgical instruments and making sure people don't catch horrible infections from the last asshole they operated on. Also take care of the outpatient gasteroscopes, which means I spend my whole day elbow deep in other peoples dookie...hence the reason I drink so much.

edit- booze I mean, not shit water...just to be clear.


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My family has a small (3 people, dad, bro, me) logging company. We've been working on a timber sale that we bought for the last few years. I think it's pretty cool that we help provide the raw materials that can be made into one of the three basics we need. Shelter. (water, food)
I plan on going back to school to get a business degree to either apply to our company or go to work somewhere else in the lumber industry.
going to college to get a bs in computer engineering/science. hope to be a video game programmer. currently working on getting a startup off the ground. soooo much workkkk


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Do people still joke about going Postal, or am I just showing my age? :)

going to college to get a bs in computer engineering/science. hope to be a video game programmer. currently working on getting a startup off the ground. soooo much workkkk
I was thinking of doing computer science, but at the time (2 years of jr. college), I was told I'd probably be stuck in college for another 4 years, so I went the quicker route with Business - Management Information Systems (Sac State). I slept through most of it but survived. I'm a Systems Administrator and probably use about 1% of what little I learned. I'm sure most of us learned more from Google & diving into a computer case than any class taken.


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Hi. My name is Chris, and I'm an alcoholic.

What? Wrong meeting? :p

I've been working as a microbiological technician for the past 4 1/2 years or so. Most recently, I've kept busy performing experiments for our cancer research group and programming assays into our screening lab's high-throughput liquid-handling robots. I also make media for, culture, grow, store or sustain and eradicate pathogenic bacteria, some of which are classified as "select agents" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Select_agent. These bugs require specialized clearances, techniques, biosafety equipment and apparel to handle. Tbh, I don't know how the hell I fell into this work, but I really enjoy it. The multi-disciplinary environment - so many intelligent people who study in such a spectrum of fields - it's just really... cool :cool: