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What did you do when your pet died?

Captain Cap

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Well, my chihuahua of 10 years has cancer and I don't have the money for surgery. I know I gotta put her down. Anyone else have to do this? How'd you guys feel/react? Any way to get over it/feel better?


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So sorry to hear about it bud :(
I personally never had a pet, but I'd feel horrible to put my own pet down, but then again you have to do whats best for her, you do not want her to feel pain, I am sure she will agree with you.

Captain Cap

New Member
Yeah, it makes you wonder if you should get another dog. You know it's going to die in 10-15 years and you gotta weigh the good times versus the shitty ending.


The 47 Ronin
My pomeranian of 8 years is starting to get sick and losing feeling in her back legs. It makes me sad everyday because I love this dog and she's always been with me!

el jorge loco

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Well, you can give it drugs to make her more comfortable, but in the end even those just make their means of life worse. If one day your dog just can't move anymore, and considering its a chihuahua that should be fairly obvious, it's time to give her up to be put down. Don't prolong her suffering.