what celebrity will play you in the 47R movie?


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The 47 Ronin
@jorge - sammo hung is a beast.

@jen - oh and no mulan? hmm.. yeah that woulda been the obvious choice i guess. killer eyes btw ;)

and im curious as well.. not the best pic but i dont really have any on my pc.

post one of you and one of him/her and let's see.

if you don't know who you look like, then ask, and we'll see if we can assist (this is where a-rich will come in ;) ) - we'll probably make fun of you and post funny pics (kyu=snorlax, etc), but that's part of the fun, right?

me? ed norton jr in american history x.

btw, this is me from 5 years ago when i first grew my goatee... before the grey and before i knew how to trim facial hair lol be kind :p

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Ur too fat!:D:D