What are you listening to now?

This is my favorite band, Streetlight Manifesto. I realize 97% of you probably won't like it...nor have any interest. But here are some songs from their latest album, and I hope you enjoy :)

Heard this song for the first time yesterday when my wife's sister was blasting this when she pulled up. She was playing the original version which has lyrics of course.......sounds lame. I asked her the name of the song and looked if it had an instrumental version.....and luckily, I found it!! This beat is so hard!! Going to download now!

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
For you:


Just so you know, the original Lynard Skynard band didn't wave the Confederate flag in some sorry-assed attempt to promote some war that is long since behind us or to promote some way of life or attitude that cannot even be considered marginally valid anymore. It wasn't red-neck music back them though it did serve to bridge the gap between rock and roll and country. Ronnie Van Zandt wasn't big on posturing and puffing himself up into some sort of superstar and his songs reflect his life and those of his friends as they went from being a hopeful group of guys playing in an old shack with big dreams to realizing those dreams and all of the good and not so good realities that came with the success. I only state this due to one remark that seemed to infer that it's music fit for a racist and to say that maybe it's you who have missed the point. It was a remark made to me directly, not a comment in the forums. Several of the band members, including Ronnie, were killed in a plane crash many years ago. One survivor crawled out of the wreckage with a broken rib, among other injuries, and walked a long way through the swamp until he found help the help of a local farmer. That man still plays drums for a band of his own creation. Lynard Skynard was a manifestation of the times and their music included no racist tendencies. Please check your references before you crawl up on me thinking to pinch me. I'm on the hunt and I might enjoy seeing your sorry ass in my sights.