What are you listening to now?

Not a fan of Dubstep, it's just to much for my taste...(this is Chillstep, a toned down version of Dubstep). I heard my sister-n-law listening to this and had to cop the name of this song!!


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Damn, this guy is just awesome! I love his work!

This is the official video, it's been a while since he released a video but here it is:


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On Ronald Jenkees: I purchased two of his CD's. He signed them for me. There was a mistake on my part and he shipped me two more signed CD's. When I discovered my error I tried to return the two extra signed CD's but he wouldn't have it. He told me to give them to someone i thought might enjoy them so i sent them to my sister who is undergoing chemotherapy. I am waiting to hear back from her. Mr. Jenkees is just a regular guy who puts passion into life and, based on my experience with him, all he does. His music and the videos make me smile...even when it's too dark for my smile to be seen. Props.