What are you listening to now?

im a little disappointed guys.... i mean yeah there are some good songs in here..... but not enough club style music.... some dub but thats kinda it.....
here are a couple of my faves right now....
countinued in next post.....
step 2>>>...
And i guess i have to put some swedish house mafia in this b...... edc 2012 here i come!!!

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
you're supposed to link the video :p
Ooooo...That means it's time for a Gangsta Fail Intermission! Here ya go!


This Intermission was brought to you by Mr. Squarepants, our old friend Ronald, Colt, and The Thousands of Gangstas all over the World just waitin' for their chance to fail.


I hardly listen to Dubstep.......In fact, I never do. But damn, I just heard this at Ross Petty's shop.....and I was speechless. He has a badass sound system in his shop, so it sounded way better than this video.....but still, probably the sickest Dubstep songs I've ever heard.

True Story....