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The 47 Ronin

This song is so sick!! Brings back so many memories!! Both the lyric and instrumental versions I listened to on YouTube both have no dislikes. That's says it all!!
This is like, amazing music Cup.. What genre would you call this? I hear it every once in a while but never like write it down or get the name of this kinda music/beat

Hard to believe this is on SNES, still to this day. I got it when it first came out. When I heard it, I was blown away. This part of the game was called "Red Soil Area", the upper part of Norfair where you fight Kraid. This sounds so sick, yet, so cold! This was far ahead of it's time!

I always had a picture in my head when I heard this song as a small kid. A dark cave, somewhere in Japan, everything is wet and cold!!

My favorite part of the song / 1:22 - 1:44


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
not big fans of either of these guys anymore but this song is still dope to have on in the background if youre blaaazed hahaha