What Antivirus do you use?

el jorge loco

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WW, Surrender and Greggo - Microsoft Security Essentials is free and doesn't eat through your processing power like Norton or McAfee. It is what it says it is: just an AV. No additional firewall or anything. I honestly recommend it if you don't want AV that has ads like Avira, and only want AV software and nothing else attached to it.
yea I downloaded the client last night... and then I was like, wait why am I wasting my time? Ive never had a virus for as long as I can remember.

el jorge loco

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You never know man. Even if you are the most paranoid internet user, shit happens and it doesn't hurt to back your ass up once in awhile.

You can turn off auto-sweep, and let it scan when you download files.


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I manage my accounts on my computer, unlike 4 years ago when I did not run an av for years!
For me it's important since I manage a large website community, a dedicated game server box...I cannot afford to not run one.
well yea Thats totally understandable ice... but yea fox scans all of my downloads for viruses... and Im careful about what I download.. always read comments below the download... if it doesnt have a ton of downloads and no comments and I dont know anyone that has used it. I usually dont mess with it.


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the only things ive downloaded on my new comp & ssd are firefox, vent, LoL, steam and all my games thru steam. i dont really browse the internet either. so i dont bother running one. though i have used avg & avira on my past computers.
I use MS antivirus as well, and I also use Panda Cloud av. I'm still debating which one I like, but both seem not to want to control my computer *coughcoughnortonfagware*


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No AV for me too. My PC must have all kinds of virus, I just don't know or aware of it? I'll just re-install if starts to slow down too much.
Used to use AVG then they all went suite style.
Used to use Avira but they started the popup updates than you can't disable.

Eset is great.

I now use Microsoft Security Essentials (light, free and good)
Also use spybot immunizations.
And for software firewall I turn off windows and use comodo + peerblock.

Never had a virus in like 8 years.