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What Antivirus do you use?


The 47 Ronin
I use AVG along with its AVG PC booster so far so good doesnt slow my comp down and does the job well.

Blood Fiend

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I Use Eset, and i used to use Kaspersky, Eset is 100X better then kaspersky.

DOesnt use up barly any sys resources, havn't had a virus yet, has anti-spam, firewall, spyware, anti-virus.

el jorge loco

Staff member
Microsoft Security Essentials is absolutely brilliant. Free and not system intensive, it is a great choice if you are looking for a simple and free AV program.


Staff member
I trust the Microsoft Antivirus more than any other ones.
I've tested their system and it works great!
Especially when you are surfing on the web! I've ran into many websites that had trojans and Microsoft AV quickly detected, deleted, and scanned my computer!
Also when browsing pictures/images on google a lot of times my antivirus detected trojans! When clicking on the image it redirected you to a website where they were trying to upload a virus to your computer.
Overall hands down 10/10 and I think everyone should give it a try.
Paying for AV is a rip off...companies like Norton and McAfee are a rip off.
Microsoft is providing better service and support all for free!


I've been with Avast for quite some time now. Works great and is also free. Haven't had a virus latch onto my system the whole time I've had it.