Website ideas...

I was thinking of making one of those or textsfromlastnight type websites. u know where ppl share shit from their lives and other ppl comment on it and stuff.

My ideas:
-Rage quitting
-Mighty deeds of the day
-Like a Boss (imthinkin this one)

If you got an idea i would love to hear it. I will make sure that if i make any profits i will give some back to the community :D


Staff member
You can certainly do that, but those sites are very common on the internet.
You will need a very good group of people (post whores) to help populate those forums.
Most likely you will need RSS Bots to post up stuff that people would want to discuss about.
If you do decide to get one of those forums I would recommend going with vBulletin CMS, it has a blog system which can certainly help attract people to your website.
was gonna make one from scratch using php/mysql/memcached...i wanna flex my coding skills :D. and yea hard part is getting ppl to post...but i think if the topic of the site is interesting enough it shudnt be too difficult.