Website enhancements and updates thread.


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Also we added the live wall module to the top of the page.
Now you can simply click on Live Feed on top and start using it like a facebook wall!

livewall1.png livewall2.png


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there should be a little space between it and the user cp box. like the user cp box and the MoH box. and its really nice but is there anyway to add buttons like < || >
you know to go back, forward or pause on a specific topic?

actually thats not really needed but the spacing thing does kinda bother me lol. its the little things ;]


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I went ahead and added little space between the boxes. Should be fixed now.
If you put your mouse over the topic it will pause.
All you do is click on the title and you will be able to read the topic.
I hate complimenting you cause it hurts deep down inside, that and a small child dies somewhere in the world everytime i do.

That being said you really have made a bad ass site Ice. For all of you that havent been around long enough or then again those that havent noticed, this site and community have gone through around three major format overhauls and count less hours of tweaking, reseting and adjustments. Meanwhile ice works behind the scenes to keep things running. Its not easy making this type of dedication which lays the foundation for our community.

Hats off ice, i was just thinking how much these forums have evolved right before i found this thread!


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Made further improvements to the front page and started using sprites.
Should make things load a bit quicker now.

Always looking to improve the overall speed of the forums.