Website enhancements and updates thread.


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Several bugs have been fixed on the forums!
Thread page alignment option has been adjusted.
Before it use to not line up properly.
Also updated forums rules and regulations, thanks El Jorge Loco for writing it up.
Calibri font (default windows 7 font) has been added.


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Adding facebook forum incorporation soon.
That means people will soon be able to access the forums directly from facebook and post and reply on our forums!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the vBulletin Facebook Application, available soon for your community!

This exciting new product comes in response to the ongoing demand from you asking vBulletin for assistance in leveraging the Facebook platform. The vBulletin Facebook application will help you drive more traffic and engagement to your community by creating a new interactive social community experience for new and existing users.

The vBulletin Facebook App allows site owners to engage existing community members, as well as attract new users by leveraging Facebook’s vast social network.

Promote User Engagement:

Add a fresh new way of letting new and existing community members interact with your forum directly from Facebook. Your application can be customized and branded to promote your community’s brand awareness throughout the Facebook social network.

Your application users and their social network see featured highlights of your community’s content in their News Feeds, increasing activity on your forum and promoting additional page views.

Enhance your community’s Facebook fan page by linking the app to your page to bring additional new functionality to your Facebook fans.

Expand Your Community’s Reach and Attract New Users:

Posts created with the vBulletin Facebook app appear in users’ News Feeds, promoting your community and content to their friends!

Your community becomes an active part of the vast vBulletin Social Network, promoting your site to Facebook friends of your members and other people who are using the vBulletin app to access other vBulletin forums

The vBulletin Facebook app is an economical investment in the growth and involvement of your community! The vBulletin Facebook app works with vBulletin sites running vBulletin version 3.7.5 and higher.

Important Notices Before Using the App

The application is not yet available for sale
The application is currently in Beta, this means that it will be evolving and improving in the coming days
You MUST use Facebook Connect functionality on in order to use the app, otherwise it will prompt you to Register a New Account
A more technical blog post detailing the App technology and functionality will be made available soon.
Suggestions and Problems? Please use our Tracker: HERE.
Licensed Customers' Discussion Thread for the product can be located HERE.

Click here to load the vBulletin App
Announcing the all new vBulletin Facebook App for your Community


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Had the webhost company make some optimization should increase the overall website loading speed consistently.
Should also increase the speed when loading private messages.

-------- General Statistics --------------------------------------------------
[--] Skipped version check for MySQLTuner script
[OK] Currently running supported MySQL version 5.0.92-community
[OK] Operating on 32-bit architecture with less than 2GB RAM

-------- Storage Engine Statistics -------------------------------------------
[--] Status: +Archive -BDB -Federated -InnoDB -ISAM -NDBCluster
[--] Data in MyISAM tables: 731M (Tables: 552)
[--] Data in MEMORY tables: 3M (Tables: 4)
[!!] Total fragmented tables: 18

-------- Performance Metrics -------------------------------------------------
[--] Up for: 10d 20h 44m 46s (6M q [6.504 qps], 339K conn, TX: 1B, RX: 2B)
[--] Reads / Writes: 76% / 24%
[--] Total buffers: 122.0M global + 4.2M per thread (200 max threads)
[!!] Maximum possible memory usage: 959.5M (93% of installed RAM)
[OK] Slow queries: 0% (104/6M)
[OK] Highest usage of available connections: 5% (11/200)
[OK] Key buffer size / total MyISAM indexes: 64.0M/17.0M
[OK] Key buffer hit rate: 99.9% (50M cached / 52K reads)
[OK] Query cache efficiency: 68.6% (3M cached / 4M selects)
[!!] Query cache prunes per day: 7338
[OK] Sorts requiring temporary tables: 0% (2 temp sorts / 246K sorts)
[!!] Joins performed without indexes: 33165
[OK] Temporary tables created on disk: 19% (58K on disk / 297K total)
[OK] Thread cache hit rate: 99% (11 created / 339K connections)
[!!] Table cache hit rate: 19% (1K open / 5K opened)
[OK] Open file limit used: 20% (1K/8K)
[OK] Table locks acquired immediately: 99% (3M immediate / 3M locks)

-------- Recommendations -----------------------------------------------------
General recommendations:
Run OPTIMIZE TABLE to defragment tables for better performance
Reduce your overall MySQL memory footprint for system stability
Enable the slow query log to troubleshoot bad queries
Adjust your join queries to always utilize indexes
Increase table_cache gradually to avoid file descriptor limits
Variables to adjust:
*** MySQL's maximum memory usage is dangerously high ***
*** Add RAM before increasing MySQL buffer variables ***
query_cache_size (> 32M)
join_buffer_size (> 1.0M, or always use indexes with joins)
table_cache (> 2048)


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Image attachments have been adjusted!
Even the private forums image attachment links all have been fixed.
You can now re-upload your pics without any issues :)