We will have Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Servers!


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If Activision decides to to get away from P2P and goes dedicated servers again like Black Ops, we will give this game a shot and put few dedicated servers up.


The 47 Ronin
I for one, will not be a division leader for that game. And when it comes down to it and we do have a division for COD, we should have a face off. COD team vs BF3 team in COD and vise versa >D 47r Apocalyptic show-down:cool::cool::sneaky:


The 47 Ronin
Born there gonna feed it to the console players like swedish fish in a pool of piranha's, and you know damn well all the kiddie's are gonna wet themselves standing outside gamestop for it. Whats really funny is im surprised there not outside game stop picketing BF3 because there making it primarily for PC loool, now that would be funny.