We will have 10 Dedicated servers for Battlefield 3 on release date.


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After monitoring our cpu usage and everything I strongly believe we can run 10 battlefield 3 servers and still keep a high performance across all of our servers.:o_O:
we could have like 2 24/7 our favorite maps on each hardcore and non hardcore... and then a rotation for both as well... and maybe a deathmatch server? deathmatch server would be nice.


Okay this all sounds cool, but I have two major questions. 1, how in heck are we gunna manage to keep these popped (or at least keep enough Ronin in them to make our prescence there a common thing rather than the rarity it is with many major clans) and 2 we already have enough trouble (not that you guys do a bad job, i just mean having an admin actually online, id say about 50% of the time there isnt one) keeping our cs:s server admined and there is one of it. with 10 servers...


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With 10 servers out there a few should become popular. we can experiment with different options such as HC/non-HC, TDM/CQ/Rush. see what people want to play.

I defiantly think we need to spread our servers across the game modes, IMO conquest is the best but with how the alpha played I think TDM we be very fun and popular.


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The reason we are going to have so many servers is because out of those 10 servers at least 2-3 have to be populated and then we can determine which one we are going to keep.