We are the 99%

I apologize if I offend anyone right now but the whole 99% group is bullshit.


When the hell did everyone becomes Victims. Grow the fuck up and accept responsibilities for your life. Sure life can be tough and put roadblocks or barriers in the way. Stop crying about and start acting to change course. If you can't succeed in this nation with its (mostly) free market...you can't do it anywhere. Everyone born here won the birth lotto. NO ONE ELSE is as lucky as we are. We have opportunity that other nations can only dream of. Stop fucking whining and fix your own damn problems.


el jorge loco

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the Occupy _________ movement is a load of crap.

The few parts of their message that aren't total BS and deserve some attention paid to them (i.e. companies being too big to fail...) have been lost in the mindless madness and irrational ranting that spew forth from the crazies that are the most vocal part of the 99%ers.
^ This.

As I said, look through some of the people who are "joining" this Occupy/99% Movement. I mean really look. The ones who are intelligent and casting judgment from their ivory towers have the right message. Unfortunately, the masses being morons, have made it this overall liberal agenda of tack-onto-it-isms. Originally the movement was about fixing our private financial system that has been so intertwined with our public sector. However, it has also become a platform for anti-Israel, anti-Tea Party, anti-this and that. I'm sick of how stupid and degenerated this movement has become.

I have many many many friends who support this movement because of its base message, but unfortunately we have tree-hugging pot-smoking hippies who are not being productive members of society who are joining them and "protesting" by having camp-outs at parks beyond the recognized time that is allowed by permit. Hell, some aren't even bothering with a permit.

I sincerely hope that the Occupy/99% Movement unifies and learns from the idiocy of the Tea Party Movement, which is unified by the way, and gets their shit together. Otherwise the Presidential Debates will be pretty much: Law and Order Conservatives with "Christian Values" v. Pot-Smoking Hippy Liberal Anarchists
Look, ive been following this since the very first day, it all started with anonymous hacking group, i been following them on twitter for ages, the message they started out with was an ok one, now this has turned into a bunch of fucking obama supporters who feel butt hurt because obama betrayed them with false hopes of change and a bunch of bullshit, they have no clear message or direction, all they want is money like obama handed out to his corporate leaders. this movement is totally failed already, the only thing it can potentially turn into is rioting. it is in no way associated with the tea party on any level what so ever, its just a bunch of fucking morons and teenagers who should try and get a job instead of protesting about not having money. maybe vote for a competent president. america has 13 months to wake the fuck up and vote this ass clown out otherwise we're all in for a shittastic roller coaster straight to hell.
This country was founded on the idea that every man and woman was free to earn any level of success they would achieve not have it handed to them. It's high time you so called 99% realize you have to earn things in this world. If you want a hand out and to be told everything is OK then move to Europe and stop wasting this countries resources.

Seriously though, its just a bunch of punks wanting more free stuff. Higher education isn't a right, its privileged. Hell, not everyone should be going to a 4 year university, I sure wish I hadn't cause I didnt learn shit and would have been better off at a 2-year tech/vocational school with real training.

I can't find a job anywhere. No experience for jobs I want, a BS degree doesnt cut the mustard now, and over-qualified for most minimum wage jobs. Even with friends working at locations, being A+ employees vouching for me, I still cant get a job. I'm not pissed at the 1%, I love them for their genus has lead to our nations prosperity and all the things we love and enjoy. Hell even the lowest 1% are still better off than 75% of the rest of the world. Only here does the really poor have cell phones, high speed net, HDTVs and cable/satellite.
you know i'd be careful about lumping everyone into the 99% category. if you don't think something is wrong with our economy and political system i don't know what to say. whether its liberal, conservative, tea party things are pretty eff'd up. the only way we are going to fix it is if we work together. otherwise it'll still be the same BS or worse next year and the year after, etc.