Ways to Epic Fail in CSS


The 47 Ronin

Think the nade one was the best XD This happened to me before except it was my flash hitting enemy flash :p

Now these were just terrible regs and fail aiming XD


Sucks to be them LOL
The nade hitting the mid air gun (number 4 in the first video I believe) is just outstanding. I mean it must have been a one in million chance that would happen.

el jorge loco

Staff member
I KNOW Ghonzo would be the perpetrator of that double-awp kill in that last video ahahaha.

I dare not post my own epic fails especially when FF is on.


The 47 Ronin
Wow, see what happens when theres no fucking REG >O! RAGEEEEE I feel the rage within these videos, RAGE is surging inside me, RAGEEEEEE


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Hahahahaha these are all awesome! I think the Number 1 in the first video was the best though... pretty epic physics fail...