Warhammer RTS

hey all,

i just saw Warhammer is on sale today on steam. Just wondering who all plays this game. If there's enough peeps to form a game group like our Company of Heroes group, I'd be down to buy this game.
Umm this game. The first one Dawn of war was one of my fav rts games. As for the second not so much its has no resources and focuses on combat, it kinda felt random cuz and there were weak tactics and victory came who chose the best character, however I did not play the 2nd one for very long so tell me Im wrong


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I tried this game out on launch and at that time was pretty much a cluster-fuck of unbalanced class'. It had potential but several nations had one class that was just over-powered and figured it would take time for them to figure out what the fuck they were doing. At the time the... damn forget most the class titles, but something like battle mage was nasty and one other mage class, I liked orcs and most of these were down this list in PvP power.. Curious how this game has shaped up in like.. two years?



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I think you guys have a totally wrong misconception about the second one... The resources are based off map control and the races are much more balanced now. As far as tactics go, its up the player and which race he/she likes the most. This game can suit almost any game style especially when your in 2 v 2 or 3 v 3. I think its worth a try but there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to knowing when to retreat and knowing which units counter other units, but thats why this game is so fun.