Wanting to establish 47R presence on Ultima Online shard


The 47 Ronin
Wait... I can wipe out other guilds in PvP and loot their bodies... IM FUCKIN IN!! Teach me how to play now Spray
This is the kind of spirit I need on my kill-team. LMAO

If you're joining to look for cute teddy bears and unicorns, you're in the wrong game!


The 47 Ronin
So wait wth Spray. You told me to wait for red carpet what is this?!!! I didn't install because you told me to wait...ass...
Yeah, I meant wait for my private squad to be maxed out before I can start diverting my resources to help out the newbs. Have the http://download.uosecondage.com/UOSA_Client_Setup.exe file downloaded so that when I have time to guide you through the installation process I'll do it with a few more friends I have playing so I don't have to repeat myself a billion times. :)

Some people may be confused on what to install and how configure some additional programs. I want to go over this as a group!

I will keep you ladies posted!



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Second Age | UO Software and Utility Downloads

This server averages 1000 players and peaks at 1500 as far as I've seen.

If anyone needs help or is interested let me know. :)


Current roster under my lead (10):
Spray - Hally Mage
Slayn Darkstar - Hally Mage
Mystic - Sword Warrior
Slaynx - Sword Warrior
Spring - Bard Mage
Splintress - Sword Warrior
Farmsville - Sword Warrior
Magnolia - Sword Warrior
Snx - Sword Warrior
bamboo - Disrupt Mage

more to come...
Could you possibly tell them to use ventrilo and maybe have them register on our website too?


The 47 Ronin
Yes! That is on my top list of things to do.

1. Train my own character
2. Gather up friends and squad members
3. Squash everything in our way
4. Prove that 47R is the best guild to be in
5. Funnel new recruits through 47R-squad.com